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I spoke to J-to da-E-to da-F-to da-F yesterday. He told me he had fun at Fish Camp. Says the floors were dirtay. I was like Ooookay! Also says he'd call me back today cause he was tired last night. I haven't been in the highest of spirits either regarding my mood and my health. Let's just say it's going to be another world time of the month. And yeah... good times. I also have a bit of a cold and he said that his throat was hurting cause of all the "Screaming Practice" they were doing. Heh.... joy..... Anyway, yesterday was eh.... Today we washed my car and put the FIU decal on the back. Does that mean it's official now? hmm.... I also got the rest of my books yesterday and D and I walked around the whole freakin campus looking for our classes.... Good times. Let's just say D and I pick more than a few locks. LOL Laterz~!
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