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First Day of Class

College!!!!!!!!! *faints* Today was the first day of college and it was insane. I'm tired que me muero. I barely slept and then having all the familia give me recommendations about life/driving. grrrrr First, we get there like at the crack of dawn. We walked around for like two years and then waiting another two years cause our English teacher (despistada) couldn't find the class. woohoo Then, the Ecology Lab teacher was interesting as she was just like oh... do w.e. it's cool. She's a grad student and we're going every other Saturday on Fied Trips to the Everglades. Partay! After, I ate lunch alone :o( and walked around the whole world five times. I talked to Mom, Jeff, Janet, the world. Then, I had my Honors Class and it was definately harder than my normal classes but nothing I can't handle. It was fun and then I got home and died under hw. Actually, I didn't have that much but still... grrrness
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