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The New Layout!

You dig it?

And I did it all on my own this time, even with my computer all loco and stuff. Not to say that Liane didn't make it all prettyful and I will be forever grateful. Luv ya~! But I thought it was time for a new look. It's all Draco Malfoyish. HP rulez! lol So school was interesting today. I had Math (grr), Ecology of S Fla, and Modern Dance. Math wasn't too bad cause it's not too hard and there's not much homework which is EXCELLENT!!!! Ecology was very interesting cause the Professor Dude guy person showed us a Video about Florida after the Ice Age. Sweetness! Too cool for school! And Modern Dance is going to be so AWESOME! Partay!!! Then we went to Wendy's and yeah... the barbecue sauce like barfed on me. Thanx. So yeah, good times.

I still love you Jeffy. Watch out for the radiation!!!! Tan tan taaaaaaaaaan!!!!
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