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She reminds me of a West Side Story...

So today was okay. It rained in the morning and of course mom was having her little fits about me being careful while driving in the rain. Been there. Done that. Moved on. Get a new speech seriously. It's getting old. Math was fine. I think I actually know what I'm doing for once... Maybe.. hehe Eco was good too. We had a debate and that usually gets people riled up so it took most of the class time. We also got our tests back. 87! My magic number. hehe Not too bad. Dance was interesting... This fat guy comes in and starts teaching us all this crap. Only good thing was that I did some cardio. LOL He needed it more than any of us pero bueno... w.e. Then I ate. WOOHOO!!! And now I have no homework as usual. It's good to be a college student for now cause of the slackness of homework on my part. So yeah... I'm kinda bored but overall I'm alright.

Love you all
*Hugs and Kisses*
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